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Testimonials of Past Students

With less than two months before the 'O' level English examination, Mrs Ng agreed to take me as her student. Despite having only a 4-lesson crash course (under the Intensive 'O' level English Language Exam Prep programme), I was able to secure my goal of an A1 grade. She helped me work on my weaknesses in essay writing and gave me invaluable advice on how and what to do to become more competent in essay writing. Perhaps, the greatest skill that I have acquired is how to write critically and provide straightforward answers. This is significant as the skills are highly coveted in the 'A' Level GP paper. The Intensive 'O' level EL Exam Prep Programme has given me a strong foundation in critical essay writing which helped me during my years in JC. Mrs Ng is an experienced and confident teacher. Certainly, I would highly recommend the Intensive EL Exam Prep programme to anyone seeking to improve their grades in English.

Wee Liang Jay
Damai Sec School ('O' Levels, 2008)
Current: Tampines Junior College

My command of the English Language improved tremendously because of the 1-year EL programme. I managed to secure an A2 in the 'O' Level Exam from a mediocre C grade. Not only did Mrs Ng teach me how to score in the examination, but also the mechanics of the language, which I continue to find incredibly useful in everyday life.

My essay writing style has improved due to the teaching methods taught as well as the approaches imparted in tackling comprehension questions. Most particularly, she has helped me develop my oral skills. I continue to use these skills in JC, many of which remaining vital in the General Paper subject. I feel very priviledged to have been a student of Mrs Ng's.

Alvin Wee
Damai Sec School ('O' Levels, 2009)
Currently; Serangoon Junior College

The programme has amazingly helped improve my English grade from a dismal D7 to an unexpected B3. Without the programme, I would not have secured a place in the Singapore Polytechnic. Mrs Ng, who runs the Intensive 'O' Level EL Exam Prep programme, is an effective and outstanding teacher. In class, she explained the concepts thoroughly in an interesting way which kept us alert and attentive. I have acquired skills such as identifying relevant points from a passage to constructing a concise summary. Also, I have learnt how to answer questions in the comprehension section accurately. Mrs Ng taught us useful tips on how to identify key points from a passage and paraphrasing them in our own words. Through the Intensive EL Exam Prep programme, I have become more competent in the English Language.

Chris Tan Yong Hao
Geylang Methodist Sec School ('O' Levels, 2008)
Current: Singapore Polytechnic

I am thankful that the EL programme has helped me achieve a B3 from a borderline grade within a few months. I have benefitted greatly from Mrs Ng's lessons. She taught me skills that are essential to mastering the English Language and preparing us for the 'O' level English examination. The lessons provided me with useful tips on how to tackle comprehension questions especially when that section is a challenge to me. The Intensive EL Exam Prep programme includes working through past years' papers and analysing those areas that were tricky and crucial to securing good marks. I have also learnt how to 'extract' appropriate and important information from the passage to answer the questions correctly.

In essay writing, I heeded Mrs Ng's advice on the use of appropriate descriptive phrases and words. This strategy helped me score better than before. I saw great improvement in my command of the English Language when I requested my English Language teacher at school to mark my essays - that was when I knew I had acquired the knowledge and skills from the Intensive 'O' Level EL Exam Prep programme. I am more than pleased to say that from a borderline grade, I obtained a B3 for the 'O' level English paper!

Shaik Amirudin Bin Kamaludin
SengKang Sec School ('O' Levels, 2009)
Current: Tampines Junior College

I attended the Intensive EL Exam Prep programme in 2009 and it has helped me in numerous ways. I used to dread English Language lessons but Mrs Ng was able to change my perception by making the lessons interesting, fun and informative. She also taught us how to prepare for the EL examination. Furthermore, I love attending her lessons as she paced her lessons in such a way that I found I could understand and complete the tasks assigned. Moreover, Mrs Ng is an extremely caring teacher. For one who dared not speak up in class, I was not afraid to ask questions whenever I was in doubt. She made English lessons and examinations so much less stressful for students like me, who constantly worried about passing English.
In addition, Mrs Ng raised our confidence level by giving us motivational talks. They have certainly helped me improve not only my grade in English from a poor D7 to B4 but also my attitude to life. Thank you, Mrs Ng!

Tan Lay Peng ('O' Level, 2009)
Current: Jurong JC

I had always been able to write decently well, but I was struggling to achieve higher grades of distinction as I was unsure of what examiners wanted. The Intensive EL Exam Prep programme helped to broaden my perspective, especially in the essay section where fictional stories were the easiest to score. Essays of distinction that were creative and enlightening were provided as model examples.
In fact, one of the essays I wrote for the 'O' Level Exam was actually inspired by a particular example. The Intensive EL Exam Prep programme definitely helped me to bridge the gap between a B3 grade and an A1.

Joel Lin ('O' level, 2005)
ACS (Barker Road)
St Andrew Junior College
Current: Singapore Management University

Secrets to Doing Well in 'O' Level English

Intensive 'O' Level EL Exam Prep

by a Qualified & Experienced Sec School EL Teacher

Would you like to learn the secrets to doing well in your 'O' Level English paper?

The Intensive 'O' Level EL Prep is an English Language programme that focuses on helping students prepare for the 'O' levels exam paper with emphasis on the following:

  • essay writing skills

  • comprehension skills

  • summary writing skills

  • situational writing skills

The IEL programme is open to all Secondary 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 students.

  • Mrs Ng has an Honours Degree in English Language with a double major in Linguistics and English Literature (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia).

  • She is a qualified secondary school teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching English Language & English Literature.

  • She is also a graduate of Anthony Robbins' Life Mastery University.

  • She is a Quantum Leap member of T. Harv Eker's programme.


The 2012 programme will run from January to May and July to November.

  • Mon to Fri : 4.00pm - 6.00pm; 6.30pm - 8.30pm

  • Saturdays : 9.00am - 11.00am

  • Saturdays : 11.15am - 1.15pm; 2.00pm - 4.00pm


  • 52 Telok Blangah Road #02-08 Telok Blangah House Singapore 098829


  • $360 for 4 lessons/month

  • SPECIAL OFFER : $280 for 4 lessons/month if signed up by 31 Oct'11 and payment made for 1st two months of programme


To register, please email the following information to Mrs Ng at

  • full name

  • age, sex & nationality

  • date of birth

  • address

  • contact numbers (home & mobile)

  • name of school & level

  • preferred time of lesson (eg. Friday - 4.00pm or Sat - 11.15am)

You can also call Mrs Ng at + 65 9338 5155. As the class size is between 4 and 8 students, we encourage you to secure your place as soon as possible.

Info Session

Participants and their parents who would like to find out more can attend the following Info Session at the IEL Training Centre (Telok Blangah House) on the following Saturdays:

  • 22 Oct'11 (5.00pm)

  • 28 Oct'11 (2.00pm)

  • 05 Nov'11 (2.00pm)

  • 12 Nov'11 (2.00pm

Please register your place for the above Info Session by sending us an email at

** A special talk on "The Challenges of the 'O' Level EL Paper" will be given at the Info Session.


Intensive 'O' Level Oral Exam Prep Programme

in Jun'12 & Jul'12

ign up and make payment for the 1st two months of the Intensive 'O' Level EL Exam Prep programme by 27 Nov'10, you get to attend the Intensive 'O' Level Oral Programme at $180 which is a >30% discount (U.P. $240). This is a 3-lesson programme (over 2 days) held during the June holidays in 2011 to prepare Sec 4 and 5 students and boost their confidence for the Oral EL 'O' Level Exam in Aug'11.


For more information, contact Mrs Ng at +65 9338 5155 or send email to